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Welcome to our premier online Catalogue, your ultimate destination for tools and machinery! Explore our extensive collection of top-quality tools and machinery designed to empower you in all your projects and endeavors.

Discover a wide range of tools that cater to various needs and professions. From hand tools to power tools, our selection offers everything you need to tackle any task with confidence and precision. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, our tools are built to last, delivering exceptional performance and durability.

In addition to tools, we also offer a diverse range of machinery to meet your more specialized needs. From robust woodworking machinery to heavy-duty construction equipment, our collection features high-quality machinery from trusted brands. Equip your workshop with the tools and machinery you need to bring your projects to life.

New products

Wall printer dongle software  ACRORIP 9.0.3 Partner for wall printer DTF printer ACRO RIP Software
Price from: 50.00 $
Introducing the Wall Printer Dongle Software ACRORIP 9.0.3, the perfect partner for your wall printer or DTF printer. This innovative software is designed to enhance your printing experience, offering a range of powerful features and functionalities....
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Customized Plastic Spring Housing Prototype
Price from: 50.00 $
Introducing our Customized Plastic Spring Housing Prototype, the perfect solution for all your housing needs. Whether you are in the automotive, electronics, or any other industry, our prototype is designed to meet your specific requirements. Made ...
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2041931 edm Wire Conveyor Belt 18x2060mm for Sodic k series machine. edm Flat Belt 0206133
Price from: 50.00 $
Introducing the 2041931 EDM Wire Conveyor Belt, the perfect accessory for your Sodic k series machine. Designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your machine, this wire conveyor belt is a must-have for any professional in the electrical d...
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100% Original MMT16ER140BSPT-S MMT16ER110BSPT MMT16ER190BSPT VP15TF MMT Threading  Carbide Inserts Turning CNCTools Lathe Cut
Price from: 51.24 $
Introducing the 100% Original MMT16ER140BSPT-S MMT16ER110BSPT MMT16ER190BSPT VP15TF MMT Threading Carbide Inserts Turning CNCTools Lathe Cut, a high-quality tool designed for precision threading and cutting operations on CNC lathes. These carbide ins...
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Electric winch 12V off-road vehicle winch winch ZL2000LB-1
Price from: 61.10 $
The Electric Winch 12V Off-Road Vehicle Winch ZL2000LB-1 is a powerful and reliable tool designed to assist you in any off-road adventure. With a weight capacity of 2000 lbs, this winch is perfect for pulling your vehicle out of tough situations, suc...
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12V Electric Crane Winch Portable Off-road Vehicle Self-rescue Car Winch High Quality Vehicle Winch Garage Hoist Lifting Machine
Price from: 70.40 $
Introducing the 12V Electric Crane Winch, the ultimate portable off-road vehicle self-rescue tool. Designed to withstand the toughest terrains, this high-quality vehicle winch is a must-have for any outdoor adventurer. With its compact size and power...
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980W/1400W/2200W/ Wire rope hoist micro electric hoist electric hoist electric winch  220v380v  200/600/800kg
Price from: 75.20 $
Introducing our powerful and versatile Wire Rope Hoist Micro Electric Hoist Electric Winch! With four different power options ranging from 980W to 2200W, this electric hoist is designed to handle heavy lifting tasks with ease. Whether you need to lif...
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Marine electric winch 3500lbs portable marine yacht electric winch small crane tractor 12V
Price from: 78.02 $
Introducing the Marine Electric Winch 3500lbs, the perfect companion for all your marine adventures. This portable and versatile winch is designed to handle heavy loads with ease, making it an essential tool for yacht owners, small crane operators, a...
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3pcs/lot 10*32mm Two Flutes Straight router bits for wood CNC Straight Engraving Cutters Carbide Endmills Cutting Milling Cutter
Price from: 51.09 $
Introducing the 3pcs/lot 10*32mm Two Flutes Straight router bits for wood CNC Straight Engraving Cutters Carbide Endmills Cutting Milling Cutter. This set of router bits is specifically designed for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals seeking p...
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2PC EDM Wire M009 X056C075H01 POWER CONDUCTIVE CONTACT BLOCK 24.5X22X10.5mm Titanium Plating For QA/FA7FX/BA/RA Machine Service
Price from: 54.86 $
Introducing the 2PC EDM Wire M009 X056C075H01 POWER CONDUCTIVE CONTACT BLOCK, a high-quality and reliable component designed for use in QA/FA7FX/BA/RA machine services. This contact block is specifically engineered to provide efficient power conducti...
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LAVIE 1pc 12mm 1/2
Price from: 71.44 $
Introducing the LAVIE 1pc 12mm 1/2" Shank Door Lip & Finger Grip Router Wood Concave Cleaning Milling Cutter Solid Hardened Steel Bits 03091. This high-quality router bit is designed to provide efficient and precise results in your woodworking projec...
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LAVIE 1pc 8mm Shank Z4 Corner Round Router Bit R1 R2 R3 Trim Edging Woodworking Milling Classical Cutter Bit for Wood C08-051Z4
Price from: 72.31 $
The LAVIE 1pc 8mm Shank Z4 Corner Round Router Bit is a must-have tool for any woodworking enthusiast. This versatile router bit is designed to create smooth and precise corner roundings on various types of wood. With its 8mm shank, it fits perfectly...
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12mm 1/2
Price from: 66.99 $
Introducing the 12mm 1/2" Shank 3 Edge Long Blade Round Nose Bit With Bearing Slotting Router bit, the perfect tool for all your engraving needs. This high-quality milling cutter is designed specifically for woodwork and is compatible with engraving ...
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CNC CA3-USBCB-01 Suitable PRO-FACE GP3000 ST3000 LT3000 AGP3301 Download Line USB Port PLC Communication Programming Cable
Price from: 62.37 $
The CNC CA3-USBCB-01 Suitable PRO-FACE GP3000 ST3000 LT3000 AGP3301 Download Line USB Port PLC Communication Programming Cable is a high-quality and reliable cable designed specifically for programming and communication purposes in the field of indus...
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Aluminum Round Nose Milling Cutter 55 Degree Flat Bottom Cutter R Cutter Carbide Milling Cutter CNC Tungsten Steel End Mill
Price from: 310.90 $
Introducing our high-performance Aluminum Round Nose Milling Cutter, a versatile tool designed to meet the demands of precision machining. With its 55-degree flat bottom cutter, this carbide milling cutter is ideal for creating smooth, flat-bottomed ...
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spring collets blacket for cnc spindle lathe machine a2-4 a2-5 a2-6  belt drive  spindle turning  machine machine tool
Price from: 73.50 $
Introducing the Spring Collets Bracket for CNC Spindle Lathe Machines, a must-have accessory for any machining enthusiast or professional. Designed to fit seamlessly into A2-4, A2-5, and A2-6 belt drive spindle turning machines, this collets bracket ...
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Featured Products

upgd T26X5 HSS ladder shaped screw machine screw tap, tap machine T type screw thread
Price from: 50.00 $
Introducing the upgd T26X5 HSS ladder shaped screw machine screw tap, a versatile tool designed for precision threading in a wide range of materials. This high-speed steel (HSS) tap is built to withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring long-lasting durabili...
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Banding Tool for Strapping Tensioner Stainless Steel Tensioner Tool Cable Ties Tension Cutting Fastening Hand Guided Gear Bander
Price from: 50.60 $
Introducing our Banding Tool for Strapping Tensioner, the ultimate tool for securely fastening and tightening cable ties and straps. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this tensioner tool is built to last and withstand even the toughest jobs. Wh...
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C640665 Conveyer belt,Wire evacuation belt,200640665,640.665,0.7x20x4060mm for ROBOFIL 4030SI, 4030TW,6030SI, 6030TW EDM machine
Price from: 51.00 $
Introducing the C640665 Conveyer Belt, a high-quality wire evacuation belt designed specifically for use with ROBOFIL 4030SI, 4030TW, 6030SI, and 6030TW EDM machines. This conveyer belt is an essential component in ensuring smooth and efficient wire ...
product detail
5PCS HRC60 8mm Solid Carbide Endmills ENDMILL D8X35XD8X100L 4 Flute Standard Length Side milling Slotting Profiling face mill
Price from: 51.48 $
Introducing the 5PCS HRC60 8mm Solid Carbide Endmills, a set of high-quality cutting tools designed to deliver exceptional performance in various milling applications. Each endmill in this set is made from solid carbide material, ensuring durability ...
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Dovetail Slot Cutter Milling Cutter 45 50 55 60 Degree HSS Dovetail End Mill High Speed Steel 8mm 12mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 25mm 32mm
Price from: 54.00 $
Introducing the Dovetail Slot Cutter Milling Cutter, a versatile tool designed to provide precise and efficient cutting for dovetail slots. Crafted from high-speed steel (HSS), this end mill guarantees durability and longevity, making it an excellent...
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Ø0.305mm EDM DICE AQ-1U(W) S101U,3110548,0206162 for AD360,AD325,AG360,AG400,SL400,SL600 wire cut edm machines
Price from: 55.00 $
Introducing the Ø0.305mm EDM DICE AQ-1U(W) S101U,3110548,0206162, a high-quality and reliable wire cut EDM machine tool designed specifically for AD360, AD325, AG360, AG400, SL400, and SL600 models. This precision tool is perfect for a wide range of...
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BT BT40 BT30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40E/A HSK50E/A HSK63F/A HSK100A tool holder set Bearing lock knife block Locking device
Price from: 52.00 $
Introducing our versatile and comprehensive tool holder set, designed to meet all your machining needs. This set includes a range of tool holders compatible with BT40, BT30, ISO20, ISO25, ISO30, HSK40E/A, HSK50E/A, HSK63F/A, and HSK100A standards. Wh...
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Tap chucks Overload protection MORSE tapper  MTB2 GT12 tapping holder GT24 MT3 GT12 MT4 GT24 tapping chuck for CNC machine
Price from: 55.00 $
Introducing our high-quality Tap Chucks with Overload Protection, specifically designed for CNC machines. These tap chucks are equipped with the latest MORSE tapper technology, ensuring precision and reliability during tapping operations. With their ...
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